The word no one ever wants to hear, the word that everyone associates with life sucking energy and a boss who won’t leave you alone. Work to me is like pain, it is a necessity of life and it’s the way you know you are doing something, and the way you know you are alive.

Being in the artistic world that word is so often avoided by all means, and if you were to say to someone that this is a thing that must exist consistently and for the rest of your life if you want to live then they typically shut you down as fast as possible.

What is work? I could give the dictionary definition but frankly I don’t want to. Work is simply: the effort in order to get something done, work is the part you don’t like to do in order to do something you do like to do. If you love every aspect of your life (Which you don’t) then you don’t experience this. As a film maker people say it must be all fun, its actually not, there is a lot of work involved with the process, matte of fact most of it is work but…that’s ok. Working is what allows me and my company to see the end product, working allows me to keep a roof over my head and gas in my tank, working allows me to have the time to see the smiles on the faces of my crew, working allows me to have the freedom to keep going. I like to think I work very hard for the things in life that I enjoy, and the reason why I have found this to be a peaceful way of life is simply this, when you work for something it makes the end result that much better, the fruit that much sweeter because you’ve earned it. Work allows us to stand up on our own two feet, and own what it is we have accomplished, this wasn’t given to us we worked for it, we earned it. Work gives us confidence, and ability to make it happen.

My sister just wrapped directing her first film, it was one of the most difficult projects we have ever experienced, countless of hours of hard, hard work. Everything from moving furniture, loading vehicles, making food, to scheduling crews, editing the script until the wee hours of the morning. When the final weekend of the final shoot wrapped, it being the hardest weekend we have experienced yet, with countless problems, and hurdles to jump but we finished it. With everything that had gone wrong we finished it, we got it done my sister looked at me with tired eyes, and a worn out psyche she smiled from ear to ear and said ‘After this weekend I feel like we can accomplish anything’ my sister worked hard to earn the right to say that.

Next time you think about the word work, think about how that little word is the word that makes dreams come true, that word saves lives, that word builds worlds, that word helps you earn freedom, that word gives life to and otherwise lifeless void. Some people say that an infant has it easy, all they do is sleep and eat…have you ever seen the look in a child’s eyes as it tries to roll over for the first time, the struggle, the pain, the frustration. A child rolling over for the first time is the hardest thing in his or her entire existence that it has ever done, then have you ever seen the look in his or her eyes when he or she finally accomplish what they have been working so hard for, the glee, the joy and the pride of earning that of working for that…how many of us have dreams that we say we are willing to work for? Are we willing to work for our dreams as hard a child is willing to work at rolling over?

Your life is out there; you’ve just got to start working towards it.

Terry T

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