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I have been directing films (Whether famous or not) for about ten years now, over this past decade I have had the distinct pleasure to work with a number of great actors and actresses and below I have a list of a few things that could better help you land that job and gig you have been dying for.

  1. Answer your messages within 24 hours. In this business, events and shoots change within hours. Someone can gain or lose a chance of a life time-in all seriousness-within minutes of being asked if they want it. By in large most directors put a call out to as many actors as they can and a lot of times its first come first serve. So answer your messages.
  2. Show up on time, like actually on time. Scheduling is the biggest issue when it comes to making a project, as a producer and director this is something I know all too well. Most people who continually get the work are simply the ones who are willing and SMART enough to show up on time, not ten minutes late, not five minutes late, on time. Earlier is ALWAYS better.
  3. Read the script. As an actor you have the most uncomfortable job compared to everyone else, you have to be exposed and embarrassed and put on the screen to be judged. That being said you also only have ONE JOB, if you fail to read the script you are failing at the only reason you are there in the first place. Directors do not like having to feed the lines.
  4. Be flexible. Lines change, sets change, situations change get over it. If you are given changes in the script, in the sequence, just go with the flow. Most likely there are things going behind the scenes that you’ll never understand or possibly even believe. The producers and directors don’t need, and don’t like drama queens. Stuff happens, things change, be flexible and be helpful not a headache.
  5. Don’t be a drama queen. If you look through film history the famous actors who were known for being trouble makers, and drama queens actually weren’t in that many films, why you ask? Were they talented? Yes. Were they capable? Yes. Why weren’t they casted that much? Because they are pests…there is a lot of work to be done on films, a lot of work that doesn’t involve the actors, but that work keeps the actors employed. So keep the drama for when the cameras rolling and nowhere else. 

These are some simple rules that will keep your phone ringing for the next job, every producer and director is always thinking of the next three projects. If you follow these simple rules your next role is already being considered (Directors like working with people, they trust).

  If you have any questions or dreams you want to fulfill on the big screen please feel free to look up Narrow Street Films at If you want the word direct from the director/producers mouth look me up, Terry Traynor!

Keep smiling and see you on set!

Terry T.

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