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Founded in 2007 by Terry Traynor

Narrow Street Films has produced five feature films, five short films, and plenty of short skits, action, drama, comedy, and documentaries.

The Man Who Wasn’t Tex Magru

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Below are items created by the talented members of our crew.

Help support local artists and check out the many talented people we have right here in the NEW ENGLAND AREA


Novelist. Actor. Singer. Director. Stuntwoman

The Good Catholic Girl
With The Mean Roundhouse Kick

Summer Shadows: A Novel
Necessary Evil: A Novel
Kyle Newton

Growing up in New England, Kyle Newton wrote horror stories throughout high school. With his first book published when he was 17, he continued to write sci-fi/horror short stories until he discovered the world of Steampunk. He is now a #3 author on Amazon with his Steampunk novella “Revolution’s Reign.”

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J.M. Cole’s work has been compared to such authors as Stoker, Shelley and Lovecraft. Unholy captures the essence of old school horror and stimulates humanity’s deep carnal fears of the unknown, unexplained and abnormal. Cole takes horror back to the days when monsters were monsters, darkness was feared and the stories of frightened villagers were not just stories. Cole has written for various websites, magazines, and publications. She resides in Portsmouth, NH.”

Unholy book