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We all have stories to tell, whether they be stories by the camp fire, in the break room at work, or at social gatherings. Yes, the best way to get to know each other is by sharing our stories. We at Narrow Street Films believe in, and are bringing to life the ageless art of storytelling to every aspect of modern media. in this day and age we are bombarded by 2-dimensional information everyday, to the point That we become numb to it. But, if there is a STORY being told, we yearn to listen to it, and watch it unfold in our minds.

We at Narrow street Films are excited, and desire to tell YOUR story! We want to bring it to LIFE! So that those you wish to reach won’t only hear it, they will see it, then they will feel it, And they will know YOUR story! Now, they feel like more than just customers, they feel like a friend who knows your STORY.

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1. We produce all variety of 30 and 15 second spots to reach out to, and establish the growing customer base you desire.

2. We will work with you to create demonstration videos that will enhance, interest in, and the use of your product.

3. Through the combination of your input and our creative ability, the vision for your company will come to life in video form, the way you imagined, to reach the audience you are targeting..


Let us help capture and preserve that special moment for a life time of memories. With our extensive experience we can find the right videographer for your special day.


Narrow Street Films Wants to make your ‘live event’ the memorable occasion it was always meant to be, Our crew’s ‘live set’ experience is crucial to conveying the true heart of what the event is about. So it will become something special you will refer to with pride years to come!


Hey, Rock Star! We at Narrow Street Films can see you now! Up on stage! Ride’ the wave! You are the epic hero! …or maybe the ‘down trodden fighter! The femme fatale! or something amazing the world hasn’t even seen yet! Whoever YOU want to be, let us be that vehicle that gives you the ride to tell your story, with YOUR music! We have what’s needed to make your ‘Music Video’ Happen! Yes!


Don’t let something like not having a demo reel stand in the way of you getting that role you have been dreaming of! Give us a chance to make your video as breathtaking and as jaw dropping as your performance itself.

We ourselves are directors, actors, writers alike. So we can make this a reel that will land you right into your destiny!


Narrow Street Films also has the capability to produce many types of corporate and in-house business training videos. safety, corporate policy, dept specific policy, inter dept. procedure, new product, in the ever growing, and ever changing business world, to grow, we must adapt via information and education. Narrow Street Films wants to assist you in Streamlining your company for the future through video production.


Memories are prescious, don’t loose a single moment of those memories.

In the digital world, analog is quickly disappearing from society. But what is to happen with our old home videos and cherrished memories?

NSF has a vast amount of some of the latest equipment for digital conversion and preservation. So let us take those cherrished memories and preserve them in a digital format to last the ages. We can load them and design them to your every wish!


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