Live “in” or “for” the Moment?

“Living for the moment,” “Living in the moment” is the words that I’ve have heard my entire life, words that I (Being a crazy thinking too far ahead type of guy) never quite believed in. If you are the type who believes that you only live once, and that you should live for only this moment then in my humble opinion you shouldn’t be in charge of anything ever, EVER… We should always live IN the moment but never FOR the moment. I’m going to go into a little more detail.

Living in the moment is the frame of mind of realizing that this is the only time in our entire existence that truly matters. Right here and right now is the only time and moment that we can truly affect. Right here and right now is the only space in time where we can HELP the world and the people around move on to a better future.

Living for the moment is the frame of mind of not thinking about the consequences of our actions, that only this moment here and now is the only moment that matters and that is selfish thinking.

As grown adults we can’t be frozen in fear of the future, and we can’t be obsessed with the future, we have to be totally aware of the future and the affect that we can have on it. As fathers, mothers, older brothers, older sisters, bosses, directors, people in position of responsibility (often confused with power). We are in charge of seeing to it that the next generation is pointed in the best direction, for our children and our children’s children. That we focus our action to be self-giving, not self-taking, right here and right now we can change the future for the better, as long as we think in the moment for the future. As long as we accept the given responsibility of helping those around us move forward to a better world, and a better life.

This is not a simple task nor is it a simple answer, take this moment HERE and NOW to help shape the future for the better, to help those have a better life then we did, to grow and strengthen our world, our society and our homes. The phrase responsibility is a phrase I use often, it means to have the Ability to Respond…so anything that is within our reach, anything we can have a positive affect on is not only something we should do, it’s something we are obligated to do, as ethical human beings we are obligated by the rules of right and wrong to help.

There is only one you, and there is only this moment that matters in your life, only the moment right here and right now that truly matters. So take this moment and own and give it to those around you, offer it as a sacrifice for the future of others, so you can look back and see that you did in fact not waste that moment, you used it and it will become a moment that people will remember. We weren’t created to live FOR the moment, we were created to live IN the moment, so others can live in a better future….

Terry T.

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