Dreams and Money

Never allow money to be your dream, money is like food, it is a necessary part of life but it is not the answer to life’s question. Money is merely a substance to keep your wheels turning. Our dreams are necessary to make the journey, the trials, and the work needed for money worth it.

Let me clarify this: My parents worked very hard, to earn enough to keep us in food and clothes. Now the work it took for the money and for the food was more than likely never really all that much fun (Hence it being called work), and never really all that exciting. But the joy they got from accomplishing the work in order to keep those of whom they loved fed and healthy, made the work worth it. Is it worth it for something great if the work wasn’t a trial? If the work isn’t tough then why should you be happy with the ending goal? For what did you really accomplish? What trials did you really face to make you proud that you made it? You had a good time for the end result of what you wanted. Not really worth it if it was easy. (I was starting a new film project and I mentioned to my co-producer that this new project seemed really tough and I was kind of scare, and he said ‘If it wasn’t tough, it wouldn’t be worth’)

When I hike a mountain with my friend Mark, who pushes me on harder and harder. I don’t enjoy the pain, I don’t enjoy the sweat, the dehydration, the feeling like a total out of shape wuss, I don’t enjoy one second of it. What I do enjoy is that moment when I get to the top of the mountain, that moment when I get back to the truck and head home because then I know I earned it, I truly earned the pain, I earned the sweat, I earned whatever pleasures I was going to receive, I earned a good nights sleep. You ever wake up in the morning and your neck is sore, or your back is sore and you have no idea how you hurt yourself, and it really pisses you off? But if you were sore after a workout you would be happy about it. Now if I truly enjoyed being in pain, dehydrated, and exhausted then did I really earn the accomplishment? Of course not, I was liking what I was doing. When my nephew wanted to have a running race when he was 3 for the most part there is no question on whether I’m going to beat him. If I beat him I have nothing, I beat a 3 year old in a foot race, big whop. But if he is tired, and exhausted and put everything he had into it and at the end of the race knew that he fought as hard as he could, whatever it is he gets at the end of that he has truly earned.

Be glad that work is hard be glad that it is a trial, because the harder the journey is the more you have earned the right to reap the rewards that will hopefully follow it. Never allow money to be the goal, never think that every moment should be truly joyful. There was a financial specialist that I knew who told me when he first started out he had to knock on doors to try and raise money for his family. He told me that he knew for every ‘no’ he got he was that much closer to his ‘yes’. He understood that work is the necessity for joy in this life. Accept the trials with a grin and know that for every wrong step you are that much smarter and that much closer to the right step.

The best things in life are free, if you don’t believe than I guess I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t enjoy work, I don’t enjoy trials, but I enjoy knowing that I made it through the trials, I worked harder then the work was hard, and damn it all I won’t let trials, and work keep me from my dreams.

Terry Traynor

Owner of Narrow Street Films

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