A Quick Shout Out

Hello everyone or anyone who is reading this! I am just giving a quick shout out to the wonderful people of PORTSMOUTH NH. We started filming our latest film MICHAEL LAWRENCE: A season of Darkness, in Portsmouth. We used four tree island, and Prescott park, the process took a while to coordinate but the trustees and the care takers (I’m talking about you Michael Warhurst) were wonderful and helpful to work with.

  The dream of Narrow Street Films is to make a film company that’s roots start here in NH, and this project being directed by KJ TRAYNOR (www.killarneytraynor.com), is really the start for us as a company to get exposure and really use all that NH has to offer. We are not going to Hollywood or New York, we are going to make it or break it as a FULL BLOWN FILM COMPANY IN THE GRANITE STATE!  I was born and raised here and I couldn’t be more proud LIVE FREE OR DIE!

Keep track of all we are working on from comedies to drama!

YouTube: NarrowStreetFilms

Facebook: NarrowStreetFilms

www. NarrowStreetFilms.com

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